Big Happenings at YouTube

First, YouTube is working with Netflix to develop an open protocol known as DIAL that will be an alternative to Apple’s AirPlay.

The protocol will enable second screen apps on mobile devices to discover DIAL-ready first-screen devices, aka TVs connected to the Internet, in the same network and launch apps on them. The effort is already getting support from a number of notable players, including Samsung, Sony, Hulu and the BBC. Essentially, you can find something on your mobile device and beam it over to your TV to watch.

Secondly, YouTube is “prepping to launch paid subscriptions for individual channels on its video platform in its latest attempt to lure content producers, eyeballs, and advertiser dollars away from traditional TV, according to multiple people familiar with the plans,” reports AdAge.

The second development sounds great in theory — channel subscriptions could go for $1 to $5 per month — but it entirely depends on the channel and the content and how readily available it is. Also, if you pay for a subscription does that mean users will still be subjected to Google’s advertising?

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