J.J. Abrams’ Path to Power

If you told me that the man behind the TV show ‘Felicity’ and other middle-of-the-road Hollywood fair like ‘Regarding Henry’ would eventually be the same man responsible for overseeing both the ‘Star Trek’ and now ‘Star Wars’ franchises 20-years-later I would have laughed in your face.

Buzzfeed looks at J.J. Abrams’ dark rise to power, but fails to provide any insight into his creative career beyond a general overview of his projects.

In 1998, long before HBO made it fashionable for film writers to write for TV, careers moved in only one direction: TV writers did everything they could to break into film. But Abrams recognized that TV was a medium where the writer could be king. He defied expectations of the time by creating Felicity, a soapy series about a young woman going off to college, starring Keri Russell. The project, an emotional light drama, is said to be much closer to where Abrams’ heart lies than the sci-fi projects that followed.

Abrams — who, with his Hollywood lineage, was always a shark in contract negotiations — won a huge contract to create the show, which would go on to become the biggest hit the fledgling WB network had experienced. Felicity also marked the beginnings of Abrams’ team: Matt Reeves, who would later direct Cloverfield, joined the writers room.

I still think ‘Alias’ was a show far ahead of its time, much like ‘The X-Files’.

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