Kind of Apropos Don’t You Think?

“Internally the project was code-named Project Acela, a reference to the high-speed train between Boston and Washington. A team led by Albert Cheng, Ms. Sweeney’s executive vice president for digital media, was given a deadline of May 14, the date of the ABC upfront. While Apple devices came first, other phones and tablets will be supported in the coming months, Mr. Cheng said. Securing the necessary rights from programming providers was laborious, but ABC will be able to stream all of its stations’ local newscasts, syndicated talk shows like “Katie,” and national series like “Grey’s Anatomy.” The live-stream functionality comes at a time when ABC and its broadcast rivals are trying to keep the attention of audiences that are increasingly turning to cable channels and Internet streaming services like Netflix.” Yes, ABC’s new app let’s users stream live television, which is amazing!, but requires a cable subscription to do so. Even though ABC is kind of free. Anyway, I get it, but it feels appropriate that the project was code-named after America’s high-speed train that isn’t really a high-speed train.

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