Trailer: Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Believe’

Superhero shows have rarely, if ever, worked on the small screen. Yes, there are exceptions — like Smallville and Arrow to name two — and great shows like Buffy and Angel that are pretty much superhero in nature even if they aren’t technically defined as such. That’s why we’re cautious optimistic about NBC’s upcoming fall drama ‘Believe’.

J.J. Abrams is producing the show, with some involvement from director Alfonso Cuarón, though it’s likely neither of them will be that involved as the series progresses. ‘Believe’ will get a Sunday night slot on NBC after the end of the football season.

The trailer offers a solid look at the show’s main plot and my guess is each week will feature a new adventure for the little girl to save a person, while the B-plot involves most of the over-arching mythology/central mystery of the show. [via bleedingcool]

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