Trailer: Derek

Ricky Gervais is the king of awkward comedy. It’s often times uncomfortable because you aren’t sure whether you should be laughing and then you feel bad about yourself because you are. His latest show ‘Derek’ was picked up for six episodes to air on Channel 4 in England early this year and it will stream on Netflix later in 2013 for Americans.

The show is about “a funny little nerd”, in the words of Gervais, who works in a home for the elderly and spends his spare time hunting autographs. When the pilot first aired in the UK many accused Gervais of making fun of the mentally disabled, which he countered by saying that was untrue. The character was simply one on the margins of society with a strange hobby and a person who was a little bit different.

I can’t really weigh in on that, but man, just watching this trailer is painful. Gervais seems to be playing the most socially awkward character he’s ever conceived — yes, bordering on mentally disabled — and the acting is just plain painful to watch.

I will still watch it though. Gervais rarely disappoints. [via laughspin]

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