Trailer: The Saint

Adam Rayner stars as Simon Templar in a TV version of The Saint. It’s unclear if this is even going to series, but the cast looks mighty fine for a show. Rayner killed it on the BBC production of ‘Hunted’ and Dushku is perfectly suited for this kind of show.

They had my curiosity, but when Roger Moore showed up, they got my attention. Moore starred as Templar in the 1960s version of ‘The Saint’ and it appears that he’s playing the father or patriarch of Templar family. Not only that, but Ian Ogilvy, who starred as Templar in the rebooted ’70s ‘Return of the Saint’ series also makes an appearance in the trailer. IMDB lists his character as being “The Fixer” so look for him to factor into the show’s Templar backstory.

The project doesn’t have a home on US TV yet, but I’d imagine this would be a no-brainer for the CW or USA. Pair it with ‘Arrow’ or ‘Burn Notice’ and you’ve got yourself a decent night of TV if this show is half-decent and fun.

Now, if they can just get Val Kilmer to stop by they’ll have more than just my attention. [via themarysue]

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