Yup, It’s Pretty Much Normal to Grow Up in America With an Incarcerated Parent Now

6C7912271-tdy_sesamecharacter2_130617.blocks_desktop_mediumThings I learned when reading about Sesame Street’s new muppet character:

  • One in 28 children in the United States now has a parent behind bars, which is — astonishingly — more than the number of kids with a parent who is deployed to active duty in the military.
  • As a result, Sesame Workshop created the “Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration” initiative, an online tool kit to provide families with strategies and tips to talk to their children about incarceration.
  • And, to that end, they’ve created a new resident for Sesame Street. Alex has blue hair, a green nose and wears a hoody to hid his sorrow. He is the first muppet with a parent behind bars.
  • Sadly, like most kids in America, Alex will be hidden from the rest of us. Rather than confront an issue that affects seven million kids in America, Sesame Workshop is relegating the character to mostly online appearances instead of putting him into regular rotation on the show.

America, fuck yeah!

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