A Touching Tribute to David Letterman Upon His Unfortunate Retirement in 2015

Since David Letterman quietly announced his retirement last week, there’s been an outpouring of affection for the old grump and rightfully so. Letterman practically invented modern late-night television much in the same way that ‘Star Wars’ invented the modern blockbuster. Sure, neither was the first, but their lineage, DNA, and influence can be felt in everything that came after.

Here are three tributes all unique and touching in their own way.

‘The Simpsons’ took their couch cag inside the Ed Sullivan Theater

Jimmy Fallon dropped a Top Ten list of his own

“Babe Ruth announced he’s retiring today. I’m not happy about it…Godspeed David Letterman.”

Keith Olbermann does what Keith Olbermann does best without crossing the line into the worst of what Keith Olbermann does. The line about Babe Ruth is perfect.

And of course, Jay Leno weighed in with an unfunny joke and nothing to add.

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