Amazon Launches FireTV

amazon-fire-products-11Not content to let Apple and Roku dominate the $99 set top streaming box, Amazonlaunched one of their own today, the FireTV. Basically, it does the exact same thing as the other streaming device — you can watch Internet content on your TV via a slew of apps from Netflix and others. But, it does have one major difference in the vein of a gaming controller for $39. Plus, FireTV even has voice search!

Other than that, everything is pretty much the same as all the other products on the market. Google’s probably working on their own johnny-come-lately $99 set top streaming box as I write this.

As someone who has an Amazon Prime membership but never bothers to watch Amazon’s streaming video service, they better make sure they hired a UX/UI expert for the FireTV video service, because the experience sucks as is. It’s amazing to me that none of the major tech companies have cracked the TV nut yet. Even though Apple has put minimal effort (from the outside at least) into AppleTV, it still feels like it’s one major overhaul from owning this segment.

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