1. Hulu has more than a million paying subscribers. Still no word on who’s going to buy them out, but the company has a real opportunity to capitalize on Netflix’s recent mistakes.

2. Speaking of Netflix, they just signed a deal with Dreamworks Animation, which is the first time a major Hollywood content provider went with online streaming over pay tv for distribution.

3. How Facebook is Annexing the Web:

 Facebook is confirming the fact that it’s the new and undisputed “social operating system” on today’s people-centric Web.

To be sure, Facebook now controls the ebb and flow of human connectivity, interpersonal sharing and relationships on the Internet.

The end result is that Facebook will now do what Google can’t. Or, put another way, Facebook will now be able to fulfill Google’s very own mission better than Google itself can, succeeding at a whole new level of organizing and making accessible all the world’s information — not to mention its activities and human participants.

4. I love the idea of DC’s Homicide Watch website. It’s technology and journalism and beat writing in a deeply fascinating way.

5. God, now there’s hipster/craft mayonnaise? Make it fucking stop, please.

New York’s Grub Street reported today that Sam Mason, formerly of WD-50 and more recently as the driving force behind Soho’s Tailor, is planning to open a mayonnaise specialty shop in Brooklyn’s up-and-coming Prospect Heights neighborhood. At least one New York food blog throws up its hands at Brooklyn’s “total descent into self-parody,” but there’s no reason such a shop shouldn’t get the same treatment as any experiment in high-end specialty food store. And its owners have reason to believe Empire Mayonnaise will succeed.

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