Traub1. The Mystery of the Traub Motorcycle: “In 1967, a plumber doing renovations of an apartment building outside Chicago tore down a brick wall and found what would prove to be a baffling mystery to vintage motorcycle enthusiasts – a one-of-a-kind motorcycle bearing 1917 plates and the name “Traub”. The building’s elderly owner admitted that his son had stolen the bike before going off to WWI, never to return. But where the bike came from and who made it remains a unknown to this day.”

2. Love the ingenuity of communities setting up off-the-grid internet service.

3. Apropos of the previous link, in the United States 98% of homes have access to wired broadband internet connectivity, but adoption rates are enormously low — even though internet access is practically a necessity to survive in modern life.

Two thoughts: the article glosses over how expensive and monopolistic broadband Internet service is for many communities and I wonder how different adoption rates would be if Internet service was designated a public utility like water or electricity?

4. It’s probably bullshit, but I would be A-O-fucking-KAY with Bryan Cranston playing Lex Luther in the Man of Steel 2. It makes more sense than Ben Affleck playing Batman, which I’m slowly warming up to.

5. We’re all gonna die.

Scientists are putting out the warning call that rapid, life-threatening climate change lies ahead in our near future—but most are drowned out by the political arguments and denialist rhetoric of climate change skeptics. The well-funded effort by free market think tanks, energy lobbyists, and industry advocates to blur the public perception of climate science should come as no surprise. The effects of an ice-free artic by 2015 don’t seem so threatening if you stand to gain billions of dollars by sending drill bits into the potentially huge oil reservoirs there.

It may not be the case that the southwest US will be uninhabitable by 2035, or that all human life will be extinguished in a generation, but we should probably start to acknowledge and internalize what some of the people who have spent their lives working to better understand this planet are saying about it.

6. A convicted murderer’s case for gun control, or why a man serving 28 years to life at the Attica Correctional Facility believes a few simple laws could significantly affect criminal behavior.

7. What is Medium? Is it a magazine? Is it a publishing platform? The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal attempts to find out.

8. Yes, a thousand times yes: “What excites me about the disruption of the TV is the prospect of an SDK for the TV. It would transform the TV, for the first time ever, into a platform that smart developers can write unique new applications for. We have not yet even scratched the surface of this idea. Those who have the most to lose when TV gets disrupted need not fear piracy; they should fear the SDK. When developers can take advantage of a platform, the possibilities are endless.”

It makes me wonder why Apple hasn’t yet released an AppleTV SDK. This would essentially make AppleTV tough to compete against, no? It’s also why Apple is best positioned to win the TV disruption race. Also, if Apple bought Aereo it would further cement them as the leader in this race.

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