Friday Care Package

It’s so very nearly the weekend, friends. Did you know that Amy and Jim made it to New Zealand, so not only is it already Saturday where they are but it is, in fact, already MARCH? Mind blown.

Instead of mustering up thoughtful commentary about something in particular, I’ve collected a few cool things to carry you through to the weekend.

  1. First up: And Then I Was Like. If you, like me, are borderline obsessed with reaction gifs, this is the site for you. It uses your computer’s webcam to create gifs that you can edit slightly and share on your social media platforms. Warning: you will lose time to this site. It’s hilarious. [via And Then I Was Like]
  2. With the Oscars coming up this weekend (are the Oscars coming up this weekend?), check out this amazing infographic depicting every outfit worn by a Best Actress winner since 1929. Some of them are insane. I’m obsessed with Barbara Streisand’s 1969 spangly pilgrim get up. [via MediaRun]
  3. Are you NOT up all night to get lucky? (weak.) You may have need of a purity ring. This gently used version is up for grabs on eBay! (What? I don’t know your life.) [via The Cut]
  4. Oh god, I bet Jim has a lot of male followers. What do dudes like? … Here’s a pic of the new actor playing The Flash! [via i09]
  5. Last but definitely not least, here’s my favorite website dedicated to cabins. I dare you to check it out WITHOUT planning a fantasy weekend getaway. [via Cabin Porn]

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