Adult Sons Gone Wrong! next on E!



As I posted in Pearls of Gossip yesterday, Kiefer Sutherland was charged Tuesday morning with a DUI, but also violated his parole from an earlier DUI in 2004 and TMZ has uncovered that the judge on that case, Michael Sauer, also sentenced Paris Hilton earlier this year. So he don’t take no shit from celebs. Celebitchy reports:

“[He] not only committed a second DUI in under five years, a crime that will get him a mandatory five days in jail under California law if he?s convicted, he violated his parole. And TMZ points out that the judge for the case for which he violated parole, a 2004 DUI, is none other than Judge Michael Sauer, the guy who put Paris Hilton in jail for 45 days for driving on a suspended license.

Sutherland has a long history of driving-related arrests, and the judge could take that into account.

He was also busted in 1989 and 1993 for reckless driving. Both incidents had DUI charges, which were dismissed. His 1989 arrest also including charges for carrying a concealed, loaded firearm, but that didn?t stick either.”

Maybe this time, it will. Sidenote, dad Donald Sutherland‘s new show, “Dirty Sexy Money”, premieres tonight 10/9c on ABC, and much like Martin Sheen, he’s probably sick of the negative publicity his son consistently receives…so much so, that it nearly overshadows their respective bodies of work. “Adult Son Gone Wrong” sounds like a reality E! show to me.

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