The Hollywood ho train comes full circle



The incestual circle that is the Hollywood dating pool has just added a new link, and get ready for this: The Oct 1 edition of The National Enquirer printed details of a budding relationship between Kevin Federline and Nicole Narain. Here’s where their connection lies: KFed is Britney Spears‘ rise-to-notoriety ex-husband, and Narain is a former Playboy Playmate who once filmed a sex tape with Colin Farrell that was never released (monetary payoffs on his part are implied). Now back in her swinging single days, Britney was linked with Colin Farrell, fulfilling (or perhaps beginning?) her rep for dating bad-boy drunkards. They were photographed together a couple times:


IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLPOSTERS.COM (yes, you can buy this as a poster–I’m thinking dorm room)

and then both Farrell and Spears moved on to other people that they could film sex tapes with and crappy reality tv shows with, respectively.

But The Enquirer thinks KFed and Narain may have what it takes to create a relationship. Inside sources always assume that when a couple makes out in a club, they’ll be married by months end, and go on to have a Joanne Woodward-Paul Newman type of blissful union. Whoever these people are that blab to the gossip rags jump the gun enormously. Either way, it’s great gossip!

“Nicole previously dated actor Colin Farrell, and a sex tape she reportedly made with the handsome actor has been circulating on the Internet.

“At club Opera, Nicole and Kevin put on their own show – kissing on the dance floor.

K-Fed had to leave early, but just two nights later he arranged to meet the beauty at another L.A. club, Area.

?They sat on the couch?? revealed a source? ?She kissed him a few times.?

Later, says the insider, Nicole spent the night at Kevin?s house.”

noted, “for a night that hopefully remains undocumented.” Narain hopes not. She could make her yearly income on creating sex tapes with celebs and then get paid exorbitant amounts of money to keep it out of the media. Quite the entrepreneur, but on the flip side, she probably wouldn’t get insurance and a 401K with that type of business. More like gonnorhea and family exile.

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