Hayden Panettiere gets in touch with her inner Sylar


From Dlisted: TV Guide columnist Michael Ausiello reports on the Mr. Jekyll side of Hayden Panettiere, 18, on the red carpet at the Emmys. He wrote:

“Anyway, it was the unbreakable Hayden Panettiere who threatened to “kill” a staffer from Us Weekly over something she wrote about her in a recent issue. (Sources have since confirmed that it was this item that had HP’s barely legal panties in a bunch.) Just when it looked like Hayden was about to pull a Sylar on said reporter’s skull, her quick-thinking publicist grabbed her and scolded, “Not on the red carpet.” It was a classic Hollywood moment ? and one I predict will be streaming all over the Internet by week’s end.”

I referred to Panettiere as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde because on the one hand, she’s a golden cheerleader with cherubic cheeks. But on the other, she’s been going out and smoking ciggies since she was 16. PLUS she’s been seen associating with Paris Hilton, and she was dating Stephen Colletti, 21, as an underager. She seems like she wants the good girl image but with the bonus of recreationally acting out. Sigh. Another young actress has crossed over to the dark side.

But with the relationship between Panettiere and Colletti now over, tabloids are wont to link her to her “Heroes” co-star Milo Ventimiglia, when he was seen cutting her meat at an Emmy after-party, an evening that the two were virtually attached. Don’t forget, he’s 30 (looks 24, but is def 30!). Unless their “Heroes” characters Claire and Peter delve into incest (most likely a no-no for NBC), the niece and uncle relationship will never go further than family on the hit show. Now off-screen, that’s another story. Ventimiglia was last linked to Emmy Rossum, post-split from Alexis Bledel of “Gilmore Girls”, so it seems like he likes ’em young.



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