Britney pulls a Paris (not the vag thing this time)

On Sunday, Britney Spears drove two sons Sean Preston and Jayden James to Tony’s Taverna in Malibu for dinner, and of course, the paparazzi make it a bit difficult for her to enter and exit the restaurant. Also, they take plenty of creepy through-the-windshield-shots of a none-to-happy SPF.

Come Monday, ex-husband Kevin Federline‘s lawyer was running to the judge to snitch her out, because Britney doesn’t even have a valid California license! From TMZ:

“A TMZ records check reveals the popwreck does not have a valid California driver’s license. She has applied for one, but it’s still in the pending file.

And get this: Spears has never had a California license for all the years she’s lived in L.A.!

A DMV official told TMZ, “At this point, Britney Spears does not have a valid California driver’s license. She has an application pending that she never completed.”

To top off all the times Britney’s been photographed driving with what turns out, no license (years upon years of her residing in LA), she has a hit-and-run charge against her stemming from an Aug 6 incident in a Studio City, CA parking lot. And remember, driving on a suspended license is exactly what sent Paris Hilton to jail, and Britney has pantyless passion for emulating Paris. This story is still developing, but I’ll try to remain Brit-free for the rest of the day, *fingers crossed.*

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  • Rob Erbentraut September 16, 2010, 3:18 am

    I just looked through Candie’s limited edition collection designed by Britney and have seen some great clothes.

  • Teri Ottem August 15, 2010, 4:58 pm

    Britney is a real hero to me and my friends