Christina and Nicole’s Blue Period


At the first of three baby showers celebrating Christina Aguilera‘s impending motherhood on Sat 11/10, there was no announcement as to the baby’s sex…unless you take the color of many of the gifts given to Christina and her husband, record exec Jordan Bratman. Reports PEOPLE:

“Though the singer has not confirmed the gender of her baby, there was a distinctive theme to the gifts ? the color blue.

Among the presents bought from baby boutique Bel Bambini, where the singer set up her registry last month, were a blue Loved Mom Guitar shirt, a Cariboo bassinet with blue dot bedding, Trumpette Johnny’s socks ? and Sozo Whiz Kid wee block, meant for use when changing a baby boy’s diapers.”

The most interesting part of this story is the wee block. This is what it looks like:


…which isn’t all that telling. But the description is! From Raspberry & Sage, a children’s boutique: “Say no no to wee wee. Designed to keep your babies fountain of youth under control during diaper changes! Wee Block is a machine washable wee wee absorbing sponge to use while changing a baby boy’s diaper.” Maybe I’m just acting like a 5-year-old today, but I can’t help thinking who the copywriter was that came up with that ad copy. And can’t they just say “pee”? I’d even accept “urine.”


Another party that was big on the colored hints was Nicole Richie‘s baby shower just this past weekend, where many of the gifts were blue. (Didn’t anyone read the instructions on the invite? DONATIONS to the Richie Madden Children’s Foundation!) At the “Wizard of Oz”-themed soiree in Beverly Hills, 90 guests attended the shower…and some seemed clued in to the baby’s gender, reports Bricks & Stones:

“And while Richie has not revealed whether she?s having a boy or a girl, some of the gifts offered a clue. From NoMi boutique in L.A., guests picked up a pair of $50 baby sneakers for a boy, and a $50 Tummy T Jack maternity shirt with a picture of a boy on the front.”

Richie is due in January (and barely looks pregnant) and Aguilera has not yet announced when she is due, only confirming to Glamour that she will “enter into mommyhood” early next year.

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  • Nicolas Sanford October 3, 2010, 10:57 am

    It will be good to watch Christina Aguilera in person. I love her video on You Lost Me. She is my idol and there is no one can replace her in my heart. She is number 1!

  • Ronnie Thompkins September 25, 2010, 2:22 pm

    I love Christina Aguilera’s video music of You Lost Me. She is definitely a very talented young woman of this generation. I admire her a lot

  • Coreen Gasbarro September 1, 2010, 9:49 am

    Christina Aguilera is such a very attractive and talented young lady. I love the way she is bringing back that 40’s era of time music. And what a great voice!