C’mere little piggy

Alec Baldwin is a pretty funny guy. No, no, really it’s true. Though we’ve never bothered to watch an episode of 30 Rock we’ve heard he’s quite a funny man. The thing is we’re Tracy Morgan people and since Baldwin’s getting all the love we refuse to watch in protest.

Anyway, Baldwin is so funny he apparantly decided to tell his 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, she’s (his words not ours mind you) “a rude, thoughtless little pig. You don’t have the brains or decency of a human being.”

Now, we’re not parents, but we’re guessing that Dr. Spock may feel a little uncomfortable with telling your daughter she’s a waste of a human being. Wait, he only called her a thoughtless little pig? Well, that’s not so bad then. What’s really funny, Baldwin being the funny man that he is, doesn’t even know how old his daughter is. Hey Alec – is she eleven or twelve?

TMZ had the scoop, which came from Kim Bassinger’s lawyers. Either way, not joking around, this is kinda sad. Click here to hear the loving message Alec Baldwin left for his daughter.

Never thought we’d see the day when we give serious thought whether The Affleck might make a better dad than the eldest Baldwin.

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