Dave Chappelle is still crazy

Yeah, we all thought he was crazy, maybe crazy with a double “a,” when the funnyman walked out of $50 million and a hit television show on Comedy Central. He disappeared, maybe went to Africa, and then resurfaced on Oprah, Inside the Actors Studio and threw himself a Block Party in Brooklyn with Michel Gondry. And we sighed with relief that Dave Chappelle was in fact not crazy.

Until we got word of his SIX HOUR set at the famed Laugh Factory last Sunday. Yeah, the dude did standup for more than six hours.

“He was absolutely amazing, for six hours making people laugh,” the club’s owner, Jamie Masada, said Tuesday.

Masada said the previous record of three hours and 50 minutes was accomplished earlier this month by Dane Cook. But until then the mark had stood at two hours and 41 minutes since Richard Pryor set it in 1980.

Well maybe he isn’t the biggest anymore, but no one has more endurance than Chappelle. Not even Sting.

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