Foxy Brown court fashion: more Judge Judy than Diva Rapper


For the woman who, four days ago, wouldn’t board a prison bus (to take her to a scheduled court appearance to face arraignment for assault charges) because her hair extensions and makeup weren’t done, the plaid ensemble when she finally did show today sure is shitty.

From TMZ:

“Her lawyer said today that Foxy was never scheduled for transport from her prison cell at Rikers Island and that’s why she missed the first hearing, but TMZ was told that she didn’t want to leave Rikers without her hair and makeup done and without eating lunch.

And about that lawyer — it wouldn’t be a Foxy hearing if she didn’t do a little attorney swapping. John Sampson, who had served as her counsel this summer, was brought back yesterday, we’re told, by Foxy’s mother, and Alan Stutman, who had represented the rapperista in her last two court hearings, stepped down from the thankless task.

Foxy is due back in court in December to face more music stemming from an August 14 incident in which she allegedly smacked a Brooklyn woman with her phone.”

Is this the Naomi Campbell Syndrome? Why are women using cell phones as weapons? What happened to the good ole’ bitch slap?

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