Grand Theft Auto IV trailer

The video game industry has been around for almost 30 years now, and only recently, say within the past six years, has the acceleration of the video game technology resulted in some mind blowing stuff. In an odd way, much like the movie industry, video games have been awaiting their watershed moment. Coincidentally it took almost 40 years from the time the motion picture was invented until Orsen Welles delivered cinema’s undisputed masterpiece Citizen Kane.

What that has to do with Rockstar Games’s Grand Theft Auto IV is only tangent. But after watching this trailer, and with the launch of Nintendo’s Wii, it seems as if within the next decade that the video game industry will also too have it’s watershed moment. When the possibilities of the medium are unleashed upon an unsuspecting generation, forever altering the course of the medium.

Because, this looks amazing. Irregardless of whether or not you agree with the ultra-violent storylines and the controversy surrounding the Grand Theft Auto franchise, the makers of this game have clearly taken a giant leap forward in terms of graphics and immersion into a fictional world. One can only imagine the possibilities.

Grand Theft Auto IV drops on 10.16.07

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