JLo apparently NOT JPregs


According to MSN’s Gossip section, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are NOT expecting their first baby, as I (and InTouch) previously reported. That side view is awful misleading though…

“As the latest cover of In Touch declares Mrs. Marc Anthony “finally pregnant,” the couple is shooting down the bambino burbling, with her rep denying it to “Extra” and his flack downplaying it to the New York Daily News.

“Everyone calls about this every month with the hopes that they’ll hit the mark,” the wispy warbler’s rep tells the paper, “but no. No.”

But In Touch is standing by its story, which claims an “over the moon” Lopez recently underwent a sonogram and learned she’s about three months along.

Conundrum! I don’t know who to believe! If she’s in the early stages of pregnancy, it’s understandable that she would avoid press comments confirming a pregnancy, a la Christina Aguilera, who is just not commenting whatsoever about her pregnancy, even though most of the media is 98% sure she’s five(ish) months along. And InTouch, what Jack from “Will & Grace” calls “cheaple” (the cheap version of People), at $1.99, doesn’t offer all that much hot gossip. I lean toward believing their reps for now, and of course, she’s been on bumpwatch for years, so maybe this is just another blip in the radar.

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