JLo Confirms the Obvious


At last night’s concert in Miami, the last show of her tour, Jennifer Lopez announced what mags, blogs, newspapers, and even her own fashion designer, Roberto Cavalli, (he said last week, ?She requests something very special because she is waiting for the baby”) have known: she’s pregnant. Just like with Aguilera, I am dumbfounded.

From the Miami Herald:

?Marc and I are expecting,? she said as the crowd of 10,000 erupted.

Anthony then bent over and kissed his wife?s belly.

?I didn?t know she was going to talk,? Anthony said.

The 39-year-old star went on to say she had waited until the end of the couple?s concert tour in order to make the announcement because she didn?t want their fans to worry about her.

Throughout Wednesday night?s show, JLo joked with the crowd.

?You don?t mind if I catch my breath for a minute,? she said at one point, holding her belly.

What is curious is that she didn’t say, “I’m having a baby” or “We’re expecting a baby”, leading to further speculation that she is pregnant with twins. Anthony and Lopez told the crowd, “We’re going away for a while,” meaning they’ll be out of the spotlight for the remainder of her pregnacy, which is a relief to me and makes me hope that other pregnant celebrities will follow her lead (*cough* Nicole Richie). That doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t expect every gossip rag to update weekly with “twins in peril” or “JLo’s maternity style” stories.

I thought to myself this morning when I heard the news that JLo had announced her pregnancy, that when I’m pregnant, I’m going to do the same thing. As I grow bigger and fam and friends begin to wonder, I’m going to avoid direct questions by saying, “We don’t comment on our client’s personal lives.” Then, come month 5, I’ll post the news on my blog. It should work out perfectly: Liz Lange maternity hides everything!

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