Just because intelligence is sexy

Had someone pass this along to me. So I figured what the hell, right? Anyway, I’ve been wasting tons of time at Chesspics.com. And you may be saying to yourself, what the hell would you be doing that for. And that’s a valid question.

The site is a repository for photos of tournaments, players, Grandmasters, etc. But what really got me sucked into the site was the gallery of players from the 2006 Torino Chess Olympiad. Holy crap!?! Chess chicks are quite attractive. I had no idea. Easily as hot as any model from the S.I. swimsuit issue. Okay, so that’s a slight exageration, but still.

But it got me thinking, if they show the Spelling Bee and billiards on ESPN, don’t you think it’s about time we get to watch attractive and intelligent females square off over Chess? I think I’d watch. Especially if political ramifications are involved. Who wouldn’t want to see someone from the USA match up with someone from Iraq? This has all the makings of late night television greatness.

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