“Lance is a candidate for a midlife crisis”


Ah, just what a fresh-faced 21-year-old wants to hear about her 15-years-older beau. Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong (I know, whaaaa?) were spotted making out furiously last week, and amazingly, it’s actually turned into something. I’m not sure what, but something.

Reports US Weekly:

“The new couple was spotted at New York hotspot Rose Bar on October 29 by an eyewitness who tells Us Weekly, ?they were being very flirtatious.? The next night, the May-December duo took in Broadway play “Young Frankenstein” before dinner and wine at the Waverly Inn.

And while Armstrong prepped to run last Sunday’s New York City Marathon, the lovebirds shacked up at luxe hotel Soho House, where they both had booked rooms.

Sources tell Us, however, that Olsen shouldn’t let herself get swept away by the whirlwind Big Apple romance. “Lance is a candidate for a midlife crisis,” says a source close to the divorced father of three.

Indeed, Armstrong might already be in his midlife crisis: he recently split from fashion designer Tory Burch and broke off his engagement with Sheryl Crow in 2006. “Next week, he’ll be on to someone else,” another insider says.

I was always under the impression he had the real deal with Sheryl Crow. And after the whole “Live Strong” movement, when people would wear about 8-10 cause bracelets up their arm, much like trendoids used to do with Swatches, I guess I pegged him for a good guy. Not to say that one can’t date a young starlet (Jack Nicholson‘s been doing this for years) or that doing so makes you a bad guy, but this does seem to scream “mid-life crisis.” If he buys a Camaro with a “So Cool” license plate, we’ll know for sure that this relationship is headed somewhere…called “Nowheresville.”

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