Lindsay Lohan: homewrecker?


Dlisted has the story on Lindsay Lohan‘s rehab rebound, Tony Allen of the band “Dead Stays Alive” (never heard of it? Me neither). Apparently he’s married, and their dalliance, however rumored, does not sit well with his wife, billionairess Stephanie Allen.

“Tony is married to British heiress Stephanie Allen. Stephanie’s family founded Linpac Packaging and they are worth over $1 Billion. Stephanie is also mother to Tony’s twin 8-month-old daughters. Friends of the heiress say she’s already kicked him out of the house.

A source said, “She’s has had it, period. They tried forever to have kids. She went through IVF three times and suffered two miscarriages, and when they finally got two beautiful babies, he hooks up in rehab with a girl half his age.”

“He is trying to live out this rock star fantasy at 40. All Stephanie wanted was for him to be a good husband and father.”

Blohan is due to be released from rehab on or about October 15th. White Oprah said she plans to travel to Europe and “study.” Study the herbs of Amsterdam I’m sure.

Tony is still sticking with his story that they aren’t fucking. “We’re great friends. We share a common affliction, and we just talk about life sometimes.”

Uh, “just talk about life sometimes”? With a 21-year-old? Now I know she’s been involved in DUIs and car chases and bathroom blitzes and going underwearless and falling down in Bryan Adams‘ house, but that does not mean she’s seen the world. And wasn’t she caught f-ing a fellow rehabber in the bathroom at Cirque Lodge? Just sayin…pairing this with the other story I posted about Lohan being a sex addict, and you’ve got a grade A, fucked up starlet.


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