Lohan completes rehab; can’t muster the ole’ college try for Hollywood anymore


Let’s take one last look, a good, hard look at a fucked-up Lindsay Lohan (shown here in her mug shot). It may be the last time we ever get a glimpse of this indulgent creature, as her former lifestyle may be extinct. Lohan checked out of Cirque Lodge in Utah on Friday after completing a two-month program at the treatment center. She is said to be in the mountains of Utah for a five-day trip with her father, Michael, himself a recovering alcoholic. Man, I bet those sober camping trips are a blast!

?She?s finished the program,? one source says [to People]. ?Lindsay is done, but she may come back for outpatient treatment. She over-extended her stay because she wanted to. She could have been out awhile ago, but she chose to stay.?

But put on your sexy librarian glasses, Lindsay may be headed for–yiikes–college. Reports Stuff: Lohan “plans to quit Hollywood to study psychology.

A source told Fox News: “Despite what so many people think, Lindsay is an incredibly smart girl and always wanted to have that college experience.

“She has looked into a few institutions on the east coast and will most likely major in something like psychology. At this stage, New York University is a hot favourite.”

The “college experience”? Keg stands, showing up hungover to class, shifty campus drug deals? She’s been there, done that! Even if Lindsay is truly going to absorb herself with all things BF Skinner, a) she’s conditioned to fame–in fact, she’s something of a fame whore that, even if she went to veterinary school, she’d still cater to the paparazzi; b) can an onset tutor really provide the quality education that will get you into a top-notch school like NYU? c) doesn’t she realize that people party the same, if not harder, in NYC vs. LA?

Not to say that celebrities lack intelligence: Natalie Portman seemed to get into Harvard on her own accord, and Sharon Stone is a member of Mensa. And Lindsay may be smart, but everyone is always abuzz regarding her supposed talent; I feel she’s the type of actress who flourishes with the right role (“Mean Girls”) but can’t carry a movie (“I Know Who Killed Me”) or improve its quality (“Herbie: Fully Loaded”). But does she even have a career to return to, a la Jodie Foster‘s academic years at Yale before becoming a full-time actress? From Stuff:

A high-profile Paramount producer revealed: “It will most likely take years of perfect behaviour before Lindsay will work again.

“It will literally cost a network millions to insure her for a movie and as talented as she is, it is highly unlikely that studios will be quick to get her back on the set.”

And perfect behavior? For a just-turned 21-year-old, that’s a pretty tough thing to ask.

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