Lohan serves time…equivalent to a children’s video: 84 mins.



Ah, the collection of mugshots on the Lohan mantel has grown to include this latest photo: taken during Lindsay‘s booking at Lynwood Correctional Facility yesterday. Lindsay arrived at 1030a (accompanied by her lawyer, Blair Berk), didn’t even make it to a cell (she was kept in a holding area), and was released 84 minutes later at 1154a. It was a photo finish, but Nicole Richie still holds the record for shortest jail time served, clocking in at 82 minutes, when she served time for her DUI.

According to the NY Post, “The jail source says that Lohan was “extremely co-operative and professional.” This 84-minute lockdown has fulfilled the jail time part of her DUI conviction, but she will still be required to complete community service.”

PEOPLE was a bit more graphic, feeling the need to include the strip search detail: ?Ms. Lohan was cooperative,? sheriff?s spokesman Steve Whitmore tells PEOPLE. ?She was fingerprinted, photographed, and put in a holding cell, but was let go due to our early release policy.? Whitmore also confirmed that Lohan was strip searched as part of routine jail procedure.

Celebitchy points out that the sentence and resulting jail time don’t fit the crimes she committed: “Lindsay?s original sentence – for her two DUIs, felony charges of possession of cocaine, transportation of a narcotic, and driving with a suspended license – [stated that she] was supposed to serve four days in jail, but agreed to serve ten days of community service instead of two of the jail days. She was given credit for one day since she spent time in jail when she was initially arrested.”

Talk about a “Get Out of Jail Free” card…I guess being a celeb allows you to carry that card wherever you go, and there are far too many examples of famous people getting off the hook, or at least lightly, due to their public persona. Also, her new mugshot is mighty orange. And her lips look Botoxed, or at least like she had them done to look like Melanie Griffith‘s. In terms of quality, I liked the cracked out-looking Lindsay with bloodshot eyes, stringy hair, and pale skin–she looked like Nick Nolte‘s daughter. This new mugshot bears an eerie resemblance to Paris Hilton‘s, the one she prettied herself up for. You know Paris, always ready for a photo op.

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