Maybe it’s a “friend” hug


A few school districts in Illinois have banned hugging in elementary and middle schools, where students feel violated for expressing affection for friends…but adults don’t follow the same rules. Even when a hug is shared with the woman you’ve been accused of having an affair with and breaking up your seven-year marriage.

From Faded Youth, photos of Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish, his costar in the upcoming film, “Stop Loss”, on a friend’s patio in Beverly Hills, sharing what appears to be a cigarette (though partaking in the 1998 film “Homegrown” may suggest he’s not anti-marijuana) and a hug.

Following his divorce from Reese Witherspoon, with whom he has two children, Ava and Deacon, Phillippe had this to say: ?I?m not a perfect person, but I?m not guilty of a lot of the things I have been accused of. My priority is and always has been the health and safety of my family,? Phillippe said to People magazine.

On November 20 of last year, just following the announcement of the Ryan-Reese divorce and when speculation was high that Cornish was “the other woman,” the Australian actress denied any reports of a romance:

“We were very good friends and we did spend a lot of time together, yeah,” she was quoted by the Dailynews, as saying.

“But we’re friends and that’s it,” was quoted by Star magazine, as saying,? she added.

Earlier tabloids had claimed that Witherspoon decided to end her marriage to the Crash star after learning he had romanced Cornish on the set of their new movie, “Stop Loss” in Texas.

Reports also suggested that the Legally Blonde star found out about her husband’s alleged romance with Cornish after reading a saucy note on his BlackBerry phone.

But Cornish insists the reports are all false.”

Ah, the “good friends” excuse. Photos are damning evidence, so they’ll have a fun time backpedaling through the new gossip that they have resumed their romance. Best of luck to you, Ryan and Abbie! Suggestion: avoid any use of the phrase “good friends” as it almost always implies something more.

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