More interesting photos emerge from JT & JB at Lambeau


That’s right, because I’m Chicago-partial, I mistakenly assumed that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel (and James Van Beek) were tailgating in the parking lot of Soldier Field, not Green Bay’s Lambeau Field, where the Packers-Bears game was actually held. So, sorry for my erroneous reporting.

But they moved from tailgaiting in the parking lot to high-class sideline spots to watch the game…and as much as I loved seeing JT shotgun that Miller Lite, this is, in paparazzi terms, “the money shot.” Actually, those may not be paparazzi terms, but it seems like it fits in context.

From Bricks & Stones:

“Jessica Biel has been left red-faced after the publication of a photograph posted on TMZ showing a girlfriend grabbing her bottom while boyfriend Justin Timberlake?s back was turned.

Biel and Timberlake were at the Lambeau Field stadium in Green Bay, Wisconsin on October 7th, an hour before American football team the Green Bay Packers took on the Chicago Bears. And while pop superstar Timberlake was facing the opposite direction, the couple?s female friend copped a feel of Biel?s behind – and a picture of the moment has been published in Star Magazine.

An onlooker tells the publication, ?It looked like the friend reached over and squeezed Jessica?s butt while Justin was looking out at the field. ?Jessica didn?t even flinch – but when Justin suddenly turned around, Jessica?s friend pulled her hand away.?

I look at that photo and try not to pass judgment–after all, women frequently hold hands and men pat each other on the butt–but all can think is: look at the lats on those girls!

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