New Video Game Releases: Week of 12/03

Well, it had to happen sometime. It seems the tidal waves of quality this fall have subsided. Last week was entirely barren, and this week sees only 2 notable releases, both for PS3, one of which has been out on other platforms for over a month now.

Unreal Tournament III (PS3) ? A long time PC favorite multiplayer shooter hits the PS3 from Epic Games, makers of the 360 hit Gears of War. The action is fast and furious, with near instantaneous re-spawning to get you back into the fray in a flash.

The Orange Box (PS3) ? The most awesome package of software to just about ever be released makes its way to the PS3 this week. Half-Life 2, 2 episodic sequels, the awesome puzzler Portal, and the insanely fun Team Fortress 2 are all packed onto one disc for good-times-a-plenty.

That about does it for this week! Of course there are other things hitting the shelves, but no one wants to play the Pimp My Ride game, do they? Its likely to be sparse like this until into the spring, so now is the time to catch up on the gobs and gobs of goodness that the last few months has shown us.

On my short list: Rock Band, Contra IV, and Mass Effect.

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