New videogame releases (9/23 through 9/29):

What to look out for this week!

–> This week is all about Halo 3. It’s the culmination of the massively popular Xbox (and now 360) shooter franchise, and is guaranteed to be the biggest launch of the year. This week is otherwise fairly dead, no doubt a conscious decision on the part of many publishers to keep their games from being overshadowed by the Halo 3 juggernaut.

–> It is surprising then, that EA chose this week to release skate. for the PS3 this week. The title has been getting some very positive buzz; it’s a new take on the skateboarding genre, focusing more on realistic skateboard physics than the outlandish stunts one is able to pull off in a Tony Hawk branded skating game.

–> Elsewhere we have a lot of licensed and kiddie fare, but it would be remiss to overlook Soul Nomad & The World Eaters for the PS2. This is a strategy role playing game in the vein of Jeanne D’Arc, though much more complex. Fans of the genre should take note.

In addition physical console releases, each of the current generation systems from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo feature downloadable titles for their respective online networks. Releases for one of these platforms listed below will be marked:

  • PSN ? Playstation Network (Playstation 3)
  • XBLA ? Xbox Live Arcade (Xbox 360)
  • VC ? Virtual Console (Wii)

As always, this is not a comprehensive list, as other titles for these three ?virtual platforms? can appear at any time, with little to no warning. Remember to look both ways before connecting to the server.

Playstation 3

  • skate.
  • NBA 08
  • World Series of Poker 2008

Xbox 360

  • Halo 3 (Standard, Limited, and Legndary Editions)
  • CSI: Hard Evidence
  • Hot Wheels: Beat That!
  • World Series of Poker 2008

Nintendo Wii

  • Bratz: The Movie
  • Balls of Fury
  • Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party (Dance Pad Bundle)
  • Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire
  • Hot Wheels: Beat That!
  • Legend of Hero Tonma (VC)

Playstation 2

  • Bratz: The Movie
  • Jackass: The Game
  • CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder
  • Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2 (Dance Pad Bundle)
  • Hot Wheels: Beat That!
  • NBA 08
  • Soul Nomad & The World Eaters
  • World Series of Poker 2008

Nintendo DS

  • Math Play
  • Original Frisbee Disc Sports: Ultimate & Golf
  • Spelling Challenges and more!
  • Animal Genius
  • Backyard Basketball
  • Backyard Hockey
  • Crayola Treasure Adventures
  • Race Driver: Create & Race
  • Kuropoto Cool Cool Stars
  • Arctic Tale
  • Battleship-Connect Four-Sorry!-Trouble


  • Jackass: The Game
  • NBA 08

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