Nicole Richie (obvs) denies smoking while pregnant

In yesterday’s NY Post, Cindy Adams reported seeing expectant mom Nicole Richie light up not once but twice outside two NYC restaurants:

“MOMMY-to-be Nicole Richie. 3:30 p.m. Pony tail, black jeans, waistcoat. Exits DaSilvano with one young girl, one middle-age lady. On the sidewalk, after checking who’s at which outdoor tables, she lights up. They jump into a waiting black Caddy Escalade, Nicole into the front seat. Still smoking.

Three days later, 7:30 p.m., Nobu. For somebody who doesn’t eat, she sure frequents lots of restaurants. She’s there with the baby in the bun’s father. They leave. Outside she lights up again.”

This, after Nicole was interviewed by Diane Sawyer saying she would err on the side of caution when it came to protecting her unborn:

“Sounding neither defensive nor particularly alarmed, Richie, 25, said, ?Just like any mother, you know, you want to take the best care of yourself, especially while you?re pregnant. And I?m definitely eating healthier now, and I?m really playing by the rules.?

By that, Richie said, ?I do not drink caffeine at all, cut out sushi? ? and, in response to questions from Sawyer, who had also mentioned Richie?s cocaine and heroin use ? ?No alcohol ? No marijuana ? No pills ? Nothing ? No smoking around me.?

US Weekly has a statement from a Richie’s rep via Extra: “Richie?s rep tells Extra that accounts of Richie smoking are ?irresponsible and untrue.? And while columnist Cindy Adams claims Richie lit up outside New York restaurants DaSilvano and Nobu (with fiance and father-to-be Joel Madden, even), Richie and Madden are reportedly abroad and nowhere near New York.”

Perhaps Richie was mistaken by Adams for another smoking-while-pregnant celeb, Kerry Katona, a former Atomic Kitten member and British tabloid superstar.

While the debate rages over whether mothers can indulge in a glass of wine during pregnancy (Europe seems to think so, Americans say nay), Katona took it to a level probs not approved by any obstetrician:

“Kerry, twice Celebrity Mum of the Year, downed FOUR MARTINIS and a slug of VODKA in a pub with pals?despite being 12 weeks into an already troubled fourth pregnancy.

Then she popped to a restaurant over the road for a Chinese meal?and puffed greedily on a ciggie outside in the cold. One surprised drinker said: ?Everyone knows Kerry?s pregnant so it was a bit of a shock to see her drinking and smoking.

?But she just said, ?What the hell, a couple can?t hurt?.

?She went to the bar and ordered pints for the others and Martini for herself. It was the same round when the others were buying?and she also had a shot of vodka. She knocked it back in one, winced and then wiped her hand across her mouth and put the glass down.?

Her behaviour is even more shocking after her pregnancy with Heidi was beset by a string of miscarriage scares before the litle girl was born in February.

And the 27-year-old ex-Atomic Kitten star was also rushed into hospital last month?on the day she announced she was pregnant again. At first Kerry?who is married to ex-cabbie Mark Croft, 37, and also has daughters, Molly, six, and Lilly-Sue, four, by her first husband, former Westlife star Brian McFadden?was told she?d lost the baby.

But when she returned later the same day still feeling unwell, doctors discovered its heartbeat.”

(From News of the World)

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