Owen Wilson’s mystery woman identified


Please make this the new “Don’t tase me, bro!” catchprase of late oh-sev: “Le Call has no comment.”

This was the response given by her “people” when asked by PEOPLE if she and Owen Wilson are dating, after being spotted all over NYC, doing everything from yoga classes to private dinners. But an inside source confirms that they are in fact dating, and now there’s one more model we can care about!

“She is dating him,” an insider tells PEOPLE.

PEOPLE reports: “Though there had been speculation ? after the two were spotted together on Manhattan’s Lower East Side and in Texas ? that Wilson and Jessica Simpson were an item, the New York Post‘s Page Six reports that on Saturday Le Call and the “Wedding Crashers” star attended a private dinner for English artist Damien Hirst and, early in the week, also practiced yoga together in a downtown studio.

When asked about a possible relationship between Wilson and Le Call (who, despite the name, is American born), a rep for One Model Management told PEOPLE, “Le Call has no comment.”

But, a source close to the couple said on Monday, “Le Call is totally overwhelmed by all of this attention. She isn’t used to it. So they will be leaving town tomorrow to escape ? and traveling a great distance.”

Now, I know this is America, and we’re free to name our kids Apple and Lamborghini, but a double word name? In re-telling this story, I thought to myself, Hmmm, it could be Le (first name) + Call (last name) but looking back, I feel like models looove being called by one name (Tyra, Giselle, Heidi, et al) and her name is just “Le Call.” Seems to me that Owen’s recent bevy of women (Le Call, Jessica Simpson, whom he was rumored to have dated for a week or two) are very high-profile, and he may need something more low-key. In October it was said that Owen had gotten back together with ex girlfriend, Carolina Cerisola, a burlesque dancer who is also said to be an excellent vegan chef. The two were even rumored to be moving in together after they were spotted out several times. For some reason, I was pulling for them. And in contrast, even Jessica Simpson seems more low maintenance than this Le Call.


Two points of interest from Celebitchy below. Le Call is currently embroiled in a feud with a NY restaurant owner who says she never returned his expensive umbrella, and now the newspapers have gotten a hold of it:

“A restaurant owner who probably bribed Page Six for the mention, as Jossip notes, lent Le Call or whatever her name is an umbrella worth four figures. It was leather and a limited edition model by John Paul Gaultier. She didn?t return it for a while, and when someone finally did on her behalf it was broken. So the guy wants to sue her, big deal.

Le Call commented on the feud, telling Page Six, ?It is pretty funny, though. An umbrella that I didn?t ask for or want and refused to take two or three times from a man who if he is so ridiculously upset about an overpriced, ostentatious umbrella, he probably shouldn?t own one that expensive . . . Nello is desperate for attention, I guess.?

Meanwhile Le Call told NY Magazine this August that another restaurant owner and reality tv star, Rocco DiSpirito, gave her and a friend bikes when he learned they were going to rent some. She also bragged about getting free trips and vacations from guys ?who want to have girls around.?

Classy. In my opinion, I think Owen should be set up with a normal. Not to say normals have less baggage, but they certainly don’t comment to Page Six about petty feuds over umbrellas or accept bikes from celeb chefs. And technically, you could say models have more baggage, that being Louis Vittons worth more than my car. Emotional baggage for normals vs celebs? Eh, call it a draw.

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