pearls of gossip: Tues 9/25


Sometimes Hollywood timing is impeccable. Early this morning, Kiefer Sutherland was pulled over for making an illegal U-turn and -surprise!- blew twice the legal limit. Coincidentally, TMZ reports that the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) has announced that they are honoring Sutherland today for his “commitment to Canada and Canadian performers” but suspiciously (but understandably), the event will be closed to the press. Since this is the Keif’s second DUI, he could face a minimum of five days in jail if convicted. But like most court cases, he’s got a couple of weeks to think about what he’s done (said in stern Mom voice) until he has to appear October 16.

Sharon Osbourne recently claimed that Courtney Love was the one who introduced her son Jack to OxyContin when he was still a teenager (Jack was treated for addiction in 2003), but Courtney says, “I never did that. I would never give drugs to a teenager. Fuck you Sharon – as if I would ever give drugs to a teenager.” From DListed: “She also insists she never even heard of OxyContin before she met Jack. So basically Court is saying Jack introduced that shit to her!” Uh, I don’t know if I believe that COURTNEY LOVE who DID HEROIN WHILE PREGNANT with Kurt Cobain‘s baby (now the pleasantly normal Frances Bean) had never heard of Oxy. Even Matthew Perry has.

Classy ladies Sienna Miller and Kate Moss got drunk at a wedding this weekend and into a catfight. Kate accused Sienna of stealing her style, but sources say it was jealousy over Sienna’s fuck-buddy, Brit actor Rhys Ifans, who is close friends with Kate. Sienna says that Rhys just crashes on her couch, but Kate’s having none of that. Did anyone else feel like I just rehashed junior year homecoming?

I’ve kinda had it with Brit news, so if you want incredibly juicy details of her bizarro lifestyle and repeated screw-ups, check out MSN’s Hot Gossip article, which covers nearly everything former bodyguard and secret witness Tony Barretto has dished to a multitude of news sources, including the “Today” show and the Daily News.

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