Rosie’s MSNBC Show Axed


Rosie O’Donnell was in talks with MSNBC to have her very own show, but apparently, she let the cat out of the bag too soon, the network freaked, and ended any kind of negotiations. Rosie took to her infamous haiku-ie blog with the following “poem” addressing the incident:

one hour
following keith olbermann

we were close to a deal
almost done
i let it slip in miami
causing panic on the studio end

what can u do

2day there is no deal
my career as a pundit is over
b4 it began

just as well
i figure
everything happens for a reason
bashert – as we say

and on we go

The Chicago Sun-Times had an article about the rumored show, and it sounded like a go, albeit a risky one given Rosie’s controversial image, just a short time ago:

“O?Donnell?s ?loose cannon? reputation, reinforced during her nine-month stint on ?The View,? apparently is a key stumbling block as the comedian-turned-TV talker negotiates with the network. Showcasing alternative political viewpoints to the conservative opinions espoused by Fox News has helped boost MSNBC?s recent ratings, ?but we still get nervous when we think about Rosie,? an MSNBC source told me Tuesday.

Yet, given the big ratings boost O?Donnell gave to ?The View? during her tenure there, MSNBC is definitely interested in snaring her, the source said, ?as long as we have certain controls in place.? As for O?Donnell, a source close to her says the outspoken personality thinks it?s all pretty moot. ?Everyone in America knows where I stand as a liberal Democrat who can?t stand the fact George Bush is president,? the O?Donnell friend quotes her as saying about the MSNBC gig.”

During her nine month stint on “The View”, Rosie caused quite an uproar and managed to get on the bad side of Elisabeth Hasselbeck (currently on a welcome maternity leave) AND Barbara Walters (don’t mess with Barb). While viewership was up, it seemed every day, there was a new can of worms opened and video clips of the women’s roundtable arguing hit every gossip site out there. Personally, I don’t watch “The View.” Never have. I preferred the men’s version with Danny Bonaduce and Mario Lopez. Whoa! That was great programming. As opinionated as Rosie is, I think she has quite a following and that potentially would have meant viewers for MSNBC. But I guess she jumped the gun, and MSNBC got gunshy, and it all went up in gunsmoke.

On a poetic note, Rosie is quite the e.e. cummings.

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