Sober Companions One Step Ahead of Lohan


Lindsay Lohan‘s got one (or perhaps a couple–for LA, NYC, and Utah?), Owen Wilson is reported to have one…the sober companion, or “the missing puzzle piece” according to Sober Champion. There are different types, says the website:

“A Sober Companion may be the missing piece you need to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

A Sober Coach can provide intense sessions, as often as you need, to explore issues relating to your successful recovery from substance abuse.

A Sober Escort gets you where you need to go – don’t zig when you should zag!

If you must avoid drinking, using, gambling, self-injury, or some other obsessive and compulsive behavior, and your case requires round-the-clock assistance, try our Sober Companion services.

If you have been to residential treatment, you’ve made a substantial investment in yourself. Protect that investment with Sober Champion. Let’s help define your goals, identify & help you surmount roadblocks, and become your advocate as you live a life beyond expectations.”

When you’re dealing with serious addictions, you need to think like an addict. Which is why I’m pleased that Lindsay’s sober companions have placed no faith in the struggling actress. And boy, did she ever come through, trying to order vodka on Oct. 19, reports Celebitchy:

“Lindsay Lohan?s aides are going out of their way to make sure the actress/singer stays sober after spending much of the summer in rehab, they?ve told staff at all her old hangouts not to let her drink alcohol. The “Mean Girls” star found this out for herself when she tried to order vodka at Los Angeles? Viceroy hotel on October 19.

A staff member at the hotel reveals Lohan spent an hour sipping water, but felt the need for something stronger as her friends started to get tipsy. A source tells Life & Style magazine, ?She was fine at first, but it was obviously too soon for her to be around people who were drinking, because she later asked the server for a vodka. ?But her people had called ahead and servers were told not to give in no matter how often Lindsay asked for alcohol.?

Despite denials about the incident from Lohan?s publicist, a guest at the Viceroy, who overheard the exchange between the actress and a waitress, tells the publication, ?I heard the waitress say that she was sorry but she wasn?t allowed to serve her. Lindsay walked out soon after, looking embarrassed.?

While her publicist says Lindsay is “focusing on her work and sobriety”, they had to do extra damage control and wiggle her out of a contract with Las Vegas club LAX, where Lindsay was pegged to host their annual New Year’s Eve party. And guess whose filling in? None other than fellow down-on-her-luck party girl, Paris Hilton, who is being paid one million dollars to play hostess. Which essentially means she drinks all night for free and poses for endless (annoying) photos. Wasn’t Paris allegedly “focusing on her sobriety” as well and going to Rwanda to…pose for photos in villages and tell Rwandans they’re hot? Looks like both these girls are beginning to revert back to their old ways. Sadly, that was what got them the most press.

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