The Hoff’s life theme reflects his album title, The Best is Yet to Come

After another relapse, David Hasselhoff “was in Cedars Sinai Medical center in LA starting October 8 for detox, and was speculated to have fallen off the wagon due to the stress from filming in Romania for a few weeks without his daughters,” reported Celebitchy.


Here he is a week later, out in LA last night at the Dina Bar-El fashion show, mingling with “celebs” like Brandy (his former co-host on “America’s Got Talent”) and Steve-O (what did they talk about? That they both have brownish hair?), while looking much healthier than the “shaky and frail” Hoff that arrived in Cedars Sinai on Oct. 8.

In a related aside, how did that video of a drunken Hoff eating/gnawing a hamburger get leaked? His daughter filmed it, saying she wanted him to know what he was like when he was drunk; would she release it to the media as well? If Chicken of the Sea nabbed Jessica Simpson for ad spots, Wendy’s late-night 99 cent menu should have recruited the Hoff. He seems like he doesn’t take himself very seriously and would gladly poke fun at his image, but that’s like advertising to all the people drunk at 2am: Hey! Come on over to Wendy’s for a JBC! I think small all-night diners thrive on drunk or fucked up patrons for much of their business. Not to say they’re the most fun people to wait on, but they’re usually hun-gry.

From one Lyons Township grad to another, I sincerely hope the Hoff can kick alcoholism this time around. (Hasselhoff went to my high school, and is even in the Hall of Fame for his powerful work on “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch.”)

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