The Mike Tyson Zone … for Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson is the craziest dude on the planet. We know this. We know he eats babies and lounges with Siberian Tigers, he spends money when he doesn’t have it on Maori warrior tatts for his face, he’s even been reportedly homeless with in the past few years and recently agreed to be Heidi Fleiss main attraction at her human stud farm. So why is that when we should always expect the unexpected from Mike Tyson we never see his next crazy endeavor coming?

If you told me Mike Tyson spent money to have himself impregnated by a genetically altered peacock so that he could give birth to a child with plummage I wouldn’t bat an eyelash. I scan over that story and say to myself, yup that’s about par for Mike Tyson.

And yet I feel sucker punched. Mike Tyson … Bollywood actor? It’s like the wind has been sucked out of me and I don’t know whether to feel disappointed that this is what Mike Tyson has come up with for the next phase of his life or if I think the move is so unexpected to be genius. It’s almost like he’s reached a level of craziness, that his craziness transcends doing something normal.

What’s Mike Tyson gonna do next we all say to ourselves. I’m sure there are places where you can bet on it, like a dead pool or Paris Hilton’s jail stint. And we all imagine the craziest scenarios. Mike Tyson punching Boutros Boutros Gali in the face during a U.N. summit? Done. Mike Tyson strangling Dustin Diamond to death during the latest season of The Surreal Life? Sure, why not.

But becoming a Bollywood dancer/actor? It’s so out there no one would see that coming. And that is why the ultimate level of craziness is “The Mike Tyson Zone.” Because no matter what he does it’s always the craziest thing you can imagine, it’s always something that no one sees coming.

Tyson said the energy on the sets of a music video he recently shot for a new comedy got him thinking about trying to do more Bollywood work, The Times of India reported Monday.

The former heavyweight boxing champion said in an interview that Firoz Nadiadwala, producer of “Fool n Final,” had approached him with a script.

“Firoz has discussed a movie with me,” the newspaper quoted Tyson as saying.

“We seriously intend to work toward it,” he said, without disclosing any details.

Tyson, 40, danced to Bollywood music at a two-day shoot in Las Vegas last month for a music video to promote “Fool n Final,” about a diamond heist.

“The atmosphere was very congenial, happy and energetic,” the newspaper quoted Tyson as saying.

Tyson plays himself in the music video, set for release later this month.

He said Nadiadwala explained the concept of the music video to him earlier this year.

“I was, anyway, in that phase when I didn’t mind trying out something different,” he said. “The script seemed very interesting, with lots of excitement thrown in.”

I’m still conflicted about this. Betrayal or genius on his part?

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