The vulture has landed.


Let’s say you’re engaged. You may have a little wedding planning scrapbook put together, maybe you know your bridesmaids will wear burnt orange. But you hit a little speedbump: your fiancee is an addict and needs to go to rehab. So you write him letters in rehab, maybe send him some apple muffins and a few snowboarding magazines. And you go about your daily life, waiting for him to graduate the program. Until you’re shopping one day, perusing the gossip rags in the checkout aisle, and you see your fiancee…in a glossy photo…with Lindsay Lohan…holding hands…under a banner headline that reads, “Lindsay’s New Love!” This is the (exaggerated) story of Bree Tierney.

From the NY Daily News:

“Apparently, having a fianc?e isn?t an impediment to dating Lindsay Lohan.

Pals say the recovering actress is smitten with her new beau, 25-year-old snowboarder Riley Giles. But so was the girl he was engaged to!

And poor Bree Tierney of Murray, Utah, found out he?d moved on from the tabloids.

?Riley just stopped calling Bree and never told her about Lindsay,? her mom, Tess, told Us Weekly. ?She found out by seeing photos. It destroyed her.?

So this is strike two for Lindsay choosing men who are already involved, married, or engaged. At least, the stories that have been made public; there could be thousands! And isn’t one of guidelines at rehab that you don’t get involved with fellow patients, as it could impede your recovery? But then again, if she failed multiple drug tests while in rehab, she doesn’t seem to be taking the rules very seriously. Lindsay is a vulture! Poor Bree, but she really dodged a bullet with this guy.


In other Lindsay news, she’s back in LA after declaring she’d move permanently to Utah, but typically, she went shopping on Robertson Blvd, then to dance rehearsal for “Dare to Love Me”, the tango movie she’s working on. That should be the title of her memoir, should she ever make it to 30 and hire a ghostwriter.

Also, she’s counter-suing the driver of the van that hit her back in 2005. From Celebitchy: “Lohan slammed into Raymundo Ortega on October 4, 2005 after leaving the Ivy. Ortega filed a negligence suit on June 14, 2007 against Lohan and the Ivy (who he says served her alcohol even though she was underage) for at least $200,000. The Los Angeles County Sheriff?s Department?s report on the incident says that alcohol was not a factor in the crash and that Ortega was the one at fault for making an illegal U-turn right in front of Lohan. In the report, Lohan was referred to as an ?innocent victim.? But Ortega has recently sued Lohan, pretty much using the argument ?Once a drunk, always a drunk.?

E! reports that Lindsay is asking for a reasonble amount in her counter suit, compared to the busboy’s demands of 200 grand: “The 21-year-old is seeking $75,000 from the busboy, considerably less than the $200,000 he?s asking for in his suit, claiming he was ?negligent in the ownership, operation, repairs and maintenance? of his van. The damages she?s seeking account for the cost of the repairs to her car, a black Mercedes-Benz SL-65, funds for renting other vehicles and cash to cover her hospital bill. Following the accident, which took place Oct. 5, 2005, on the celeb-habituated shopping enclave of Robertson Boulevard, Lohan complained of leg and back pain and was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.?

Considering she publicly ruined two relationships and continues to suffer legal woes, I’d say she’s doing great clean and sober–she hasn’t hit one club. Yet.

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