THIS is who they’re fighting over


A Tommy Lee wannabe. (As a word nerd, I love when things rhyme.) I posted last week on Lindsay Lohan’s rumored bathroom tryst in rehab with “good friend, similar affliction” Tony Allen, who happens to be dun dun dun…married. And not to a groupie, but to Stephanie Allen, a British heiress worth about $1 billion, and a woman who is taking the tabloid rags very seriously i.e. filing for divorce.


Lohan is not named in the divorce papers but Allen states “conduct and relationship with another woman” is reason for the implosion of their marriage. Hmmm. Lohan’s rep fires back via US Weekly: ?It?s unfortunate Stephanie Allen is blaming the demise of her marriage on Lindsay. Stephanie needs to look at her marriage to determine the reason why things went wrong because it has nothing to do with Lindsay. Lindsay and Tony are friends and that?s all. They are supporting one another through a similar experience. This is a friendship based on trust and mutual support and nothing else.?

There’s conflicting reports as to how much longer Lohan will stay at Cirque Lodge, the rehab facility where’s she’s already been in treatment two months. Perez Hilton says she could be out any day now, while MSN’s Hot Gossip thinks she’ll be there another month (or two). Either way White Oprah/Dina Lohan says, “She’s doing fantastic!” which is exactly what she said the last two times Lindsay was in rehab, so this could pull in any direction. Despite it being a he said/she said issue, sober or not, she’s still adding to her list of moral crimes, which is sickeningly long for a 21-year-old.

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