#@*$! to be added to Merriam-Webster; %&^# feels left out


Now I know I’ve referenced hair extensions in two separate posts already, so to avoid making my Natalie Portman mention feel so singular, I’ve decided to post again on Natalie Portman…who apparently has a dirty mouth. And not a Sally Field-political-rant-that-must-be-bleeped, but an honest-to-goodness cuss word. Not your dad’s fav “bullshit” or your mom’s fav “motherfucker” but the Holy Grail of Inappropriateness: cunt! And to make matters worse, it was during a speech in tribute to Julia Roberts‘ cinematic contributions!

From Bricks & Stones:

“There?s one incident from the Cinematheque tribute to Julia Roberts that you WON?T see when the show airs on AMC in December. Julia became quite friendly with Natalie Portman when they filmed “Closer” in 2004 and Natalie was one of the people to pay homage to her.

Onstage, Natalie recalled that after their movie wrapped, she sent Julia a necklace that spelled out the word C**T (because they?d used so many ?dirty words? in the movie). Only she USED The C Word. (The charity gala audience was thoroughly shocked.) With a chuckle, Natalie went on to say that Julia, in turn, sent HER a necklace that said ?LITTLE C?T.? Again the crowd was aghast at the language.

Natalie finished up with ?By the way, since I?ll surely be bleeped – I was referring to an intimate part of the female anatomy.? We?re guessing Natalie?s whole appearance might be edited out.”

I’m sure many a monacle broke in the audience.

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