Twins? (And not the Danny Devito-Arnold Schwarzenegger movie)


Janet Charlton’s Hollywood received a tip that pregnant Nicole Richie may be expecting twins:

“We heard a sensational rumor that we can’t PROVE, but it just might be true, so we’re going to tell you what we know and let YOU be the judge. According to a source, Nicole Ritchie is expecting TWINS! This source predicts that Nicole’s reps are planning to release the information when it will be most beneficial to her. If you think about it, no one at Nicole’s baby shower seemed to have any idea whether she was expecting a girl or boy so she hasn’t discussed it. Of course twins for a person as tiny as Nicole might be complicated. In other words, scary. If this tip turns out to be true, and it just MIGHT, remember you read it here FIRST!”

Caps locking words makes me a little nervous, and I try to abstain from the over-emphasis all caps provides. When Janet “can’t PROVE” the rumor and the tip “just MIGHT” be true, it makes me think she doesn’t believe the story either. As Hollywood pregnancies have become increasingly more newsworthy in the last few years, I feel like the only way to jazz up unconfirmed/non-life threatening/quiet pregnancies is to suggest that that the mother may be carrying twins (read: JLo). In reality, it seems the stars who DO have twins (Marcia Cross, Julia Roberts, et al) used fertility treatments and/or got pregnant later in life.

Some commenters on Janet’s site noted that Nicole looks so large (one of the signs of twins) because most everyone has adapted to her “pro-ana look.” I just think she’s pregnant, plain and simple: each woman takes to pregnancy differently, i.e. carries the baby higher or lower, gets big or not-so-big, familiar cravings and weird cravings, etc. I thought I’d post this in case it MIGHT be true.

In other Nicole Richie-Joel Madden news, or rather the Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation news, they handed out $200,000 worth of baby goods to 100 needy families through the Los Angeles Free Clinic. Click here to read the full story.



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