Word of Wisdom from Mike J. Fox


Everyone in my generation sorta grew up with Mike J. Fox.? Alex P. Keating was our big brother on Family Ties, made us think we could travel in time and just how friggin’ cool that would be, made being a teenage werewolf seem appealing, tricked us into thinking we’d easily be able to work our way up from the mailroom to the boardroom.

In many ways he’s never left us because he was there on Spin City as we were just starting out in college and then when our own family members were diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease he so bravely announced to the world that yes, he too had the disease and that he would shoulder the burden for all those who suffered from it and do what he could to help fix the problem.

It’s odd to think of Michael J. Fox as a family member, but in this crazy time we live in when so many musicians and actors feel like family, well, it’s nice to know he can pass on a little wisdom.? His candor is a breath of fresh air. Via: Kottke

It started the summer before last summer, when the president vetoed the first Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. He had these families around him, these ?snowflake babies,? which presented it like it was an either/or situation and the two were mutually exclusive. It was just such manipulation, and it just pissed me off so much.

When I see pictures of Lindsay Lohan in the car or Paris Hilton — the level of glee and the level of viciousness — wow. We?ve got a war goin? on. We?ve got people dying. And we?re all up in arms about this girl.

No matter how much fame you have, it?s not something that belongs to you. If I?m famous, that doesn?t belong to me — that belongs to you. If you can?t remember who I am, I?m no longer famous.

I was never big on lunch boxes and all that stuff, and I look at it now and think, God, how much money I turned down. Oh, fuck, I?d do it in a heartbeat now.

I can?t always control my body the way I want to, and I can?t control when I feel good or when I don?t. I can control how clear my mind is. And I can control how willing I am to step up if somebody needs me.

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