Marilyn Monroe rolls over in her grave

And probably mutters something to the effect of “goddamn you Lohan!? Goddamn you!? By the way how’s rehab?”? Well who the hells knows what she would say exactly, but let’s be honest the new photo shoot of Lindsay Lohan reenacting Marilyn Monroe’s final photo shoot, is depressing, oddly compelling, sadly feeds the ego that Lohan is somehow a reincarnation of Monroe (when we know she’s kinda the butt of every joke now), and just feels blasphemous.

As Spencer at Goldenfiddle puts it: “This is, without a doubt, the saddest, stupidest, ugliest, most pointless thing ever. Bert Stern should be ashamed of himself.”

But, if anyone has been asking what happened to her breasts, well they are real, they are big and they are supple.

Here are the words that accompany the now famous, er, infamous photo spread.? Not like anyone cares.? But you may care that some of the original Marilyn Monroe photos can be found here.

And yeah, the photos are NSFW.? Hit the jump for one of them.


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