New Trailer: I Love You, Man

iloveyoumanstill-440x237Dreamworks has released a new trailer for the comedy I Love You, Man, starring Paul Rudd as a newly engaged dude looking for a best man.  You see he doesn’t have a guy friends, ya’ll.  Expects lots of publications to through around terms like “bromance” or “man date,” but as someone living in a new city without any dude friends I have a feeling this movie is going to hit home on a certain level. And maybe not in a good way.  I will say, that trying to make dude friends is kinda awkward.

I don’t have much faith in director John Hamburg, best known for Along Came Polly, but I’m holding out hope that Jason Segel and Paul Rudd can bring some of that Apatow chemistry to the mix.  The film also costars Jaime Pressly, Andy Samberg, Jon Favreau, and Rashida Jones.  Good comedy actors for sure.  I’m setting my sights low for this one and hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

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