Rockstar and “Bully” back in the controversy spotlight

bully.jpgI love that Rockstar Games, purveyors of Grand Theft Auto, thrives on marketing their games through sheer controversy. Their latest game to cause a ruckus is Bully, which was rechristened Canis Canem Edit to avoid the hubaballoo. But now that the game maker is launching a “Scholarship Edition” all that lame controversy has sprung to life again in the UK.

Check out the full article, but be warned it’s all been done before.

The new version is said to be even more realistic, and features new ways for the central character, 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins, to torment rivals. Rockstar will court further controversy by changing the name back to the original title, Bully.

Players gain extra points by terrorising other pupils with a range of physical and psychological abuse, including dunking children’s heads in lavatories and firing catapults at teachers.

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  • Dale January 21, 2008, 7:58 pm

    The hysteria that even fairly innocuous games (like Bully) cause is unbelievable. There has been this huge flap lately about a little-bitty sex scene in Mass Effect, no more risque than the love scene in Titanic, and this mind you, is in a game rated M for Mature, which most retailers won’t sell to people under the age of 17.

    It’s going to be awesome when the intolerant, ignorant, and quick-to-blame older generation’s talking heads finally die off.