Take Two rejects EA’s buyout bid

I guess $2 billion dollars doesn’t buy what it used to.? EA, one of the world’s largest videogame companies, made an offer to buy Take Two Interactive, which besides their sports properties is also the maker of Grand Theft Auto, however that offer has been rejected.

Take Two would like to wait until the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, probably to get maximum dollar on any take over bid.? EA runs their company like city-states, with each division having autonomy, however, it remains to be seen if Take Two will become part of that.

Take-Two called EA’s offer “highly opportunistic” and an attempt to take advantage of its upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto IV.

The company said it had offered to enter a dialogue with EA on April 30, a day after Grand Theft Auto IV’s scheduled release.

Speculation is that EA doesn’t even want Grand Theft Auto, though that makes for a nice consolation prize.? This is all about the sports franchises.? If a buyout does go through, then EA Sports would essentially have a complete monoply on the sports gaming industry.

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