SDCC: Tron Legacy

I confess, I’ve never seen the original Tron. What?  I know.  I just sacrificed my entire lifetime’s worth of geek cred.  Just one of those movies I missed growing up.  Obviously with the first official teaser trailer for Joseph Kosinski’s long-awaited, recently-named Tron sequel, Tron Legacy, the original has been added to my Netflix queue and bumped up near the top.

Jeff Bridges, reprising his role as arcade owner Kevin Flynn, stars alongside Garrett Hedlund, who plays his 27-year-old son, and Olivia Wilde, in the role of Kevin’s friend and confidant.  Bruce Boxleitner also returns.  I’m sold, especially with Daft Punk doing the soundtrack.  Hard to believe I’m sucked in just by seeing two light cycles race each other.

A release date from Disney is forthcoming.

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