Trailer: Upstream Color

Shane Carruth’s followup to Primer is set to be seen next week at Sundance Film Festival and a full-length trailer has been released. That’s great in-and-of itself, but the better news here is that Carruth is going to distribute the film himself. According to AICN:

Carruth isn’t waiting around for a big distributor or even a small, boutique distributor. He’s putting the film out himself, booking it in New York at the IFC Center on April 5th, then expanding theatrically to LA, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago and other big markets.

Around that time he’ll also have a digital distribution option, which will lead to Blu-Ray/DVD. You know, the standard Magnolia/IFC style release, but instead of being spearheaded by a distribution company, Carruth is doing it via his own company, erbp.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to have my mind fucked with on the same level as Primer. I just worry that Carruth has such a small fan base to pull off this distribution model. Primer came out more than half-a-decade ago and was little seen then.

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